Buying a Great New Aston Martin in Summit Has Never Been Easier

Some of the Aston Martin vehicles for sale here at Aston Martin Summit

Here at Aston Martin Summit, we make it a point to seamlessly blend the luxury and performance that comes with owning an Aston Martin with a tradition of courtesy and congenial service that stands unmatched in Summit. This means that you can always expect a warm greeting when you walk through our front doors, a family-friendly shopping environment, and access to the finest selection of new Aston Martin luxury vehicles.

Going a step further, Aston Martin Summit's industry-leading team of Aston Martin professionals also make it a point to offer up a wealth of knowledge and insight into the history, heritage, and capabilities of each vehicle on our showroom floor to prospective customers. When paired with the aforementioned commitment to inviting service and ample selection, it stands to reason that finding the perfect Aston Martin sports car or grand tourer for you starts with a visit to Aston Martin Summit.

If you are wondering why our staff goes to such great lengths to connect our friends in Summit with the luxurious inclusions found within the Aston Martin family, the reason is actually quite simple: We truly care about Summit and all that this fine city has to offer. From spending some time enjoying the unique scenery and beautiful surroundings of Lake Surprise and the Reeves-Reed Arboretum to exploring the history of downtown Summit, which stretches all the way back to the turn of the 18th century, it is no surprise that the men and women who proudly serve as Aston Martin Summit team members also count themselves as proud members of the Summit community.

Does working with a team of trusted local community members sound like the right dealership experience for you as you learn more about the luxury and performance that comes standard with the Aston Martin family of vehicles? Then now is the time to call (908) 468-2070 today and get started on the path toward owning your own Aston Martin.

Getting to Know the Stunning New Aston Martins to Make an Appearance on Our Showroom Floor

Owning an Aston Martin is all about enjoying the finer things in life — and making the most out of your time spent on the streets of Summit. To prove this point and garner a deeper understanding of the revolutionary design that lies within each of these class-defining offerings, take a moment to learn a little more about some of the luxurious Aston Martin models to grace our showroom floor.

red aston martin vanquish driving over the brooklyn bridge from long island new york

Aston Martin Vanquish

As the flagship grand tourer of the Aston Martin line, it is safe to say that drivers expect quite a bit from the Vanquish. Thankfully, this performance-driven offering does everything it takes to deliver on this front and so much more. Whether you are captivated by the elegance and grace of its exterior or find yourself enthralled by the powerful AM29 V12 engine and its 568 brake horsepower (BHP), odds are that you will not be able to take your eyes off of this top tier luxury vehicle.

brand new aston martin vantage racing down I-78 Express in New Jersey

Aston Martin Vantage

Looking for a sports car that blends modern aesthetics with a classic sense of style? Then the Aston Martin Vantage is the vehicle for you. With access to both V8 and V12 engine models and a bevy of tech-friendly amenities, including the Ami III infotainment system and Apple CarPlay connectivity, the Vantage does an admirable job of bridging the gap between Aston Martin's rich history and the pinnacle of modern race-inspired automotive trends.

Aston martin db11 parked out front of Aston Martin Summit

Aston Martin DB11

If you have ever seen an Aston Martin in passing, then you know that this vehicle's iconic look is simply inimitable. That being said, there is so much more to a class-leading offering like this than its striking grille, clamshell bonnet, and aggressive exterior layout; it also offers up an in-car experience like none other thanks to its cutting edge infotainment technology, spacious accommodations, and elegant craftsmanship.

red aston martin rapide s for sale in Summit NJ

Aston Martin Rapide S

As the world's most luxurious four-door sports car, the Aston Martin Rapide S differentiates itself on a variety of different axes. Of course, having access to the astounding AM29 V12 engine (complete with 552 BHP), hands-free calling, an expertly crafted interior that is designed to delight the senses, and a cavalcade of other premium inclusions makes excelling on multiple fronts merely par for the course for the Rapide S.

As you can see, excellence is an innate quality found within all of the various members of the Aston Martin family of vehicles. However, to experience the unique style and performance of each Aston Martin vehicle personally, you will need to set aside some time from your busy schedule and plan out a visit with the inviting and helpful staff found here at Aston Martin Summit.

collage of various aston martins that are here in new jersey

There Is Never a Bad Time to Drive Home in a Brand New Aston Martin

While it is no big secret that Aston Martin Summit is more than willing to espouse the virtues of the various Aston Martin sports vehicles found on our showroom floor, we are far from the only voices in the industry that have championed the performance-driven capabilities of this luxury brand.

In fact, the following major names and industry experts have come out in support of the astounding work Aston Martin has done on the cutting edge of the automotive world:

  • L'argus
  • T3
  • Auto Bild Klassik
  • L'Automobile
  • Auto Illustrierte
  • Sport Auto

Even if the various accolades and awards bestowed upon Aston Martin by publications and respected organizations from across the globe is not enough to convince you of the commitment to excellence engendered by this brand, the fact that Aston Martin goes above and beyond in an effort to support new Aston Martin owners should help drive home this point. Should you find yourself among this elite group of automotive aficionados, you can expect to have the following benefits and assurances by your side, no matter where streets of Summit take you and your family:

  • 12 to 24 months of coverage, suited to your unique needs and considerations.
  • Access to Aston Martin Emergency Assistance service.
  • Repair work handled only by exclusive Aston Martin technicians and mechanics.
  • Easily renewable agreements if you require extended warranty coverage.
  • Protection that is transferable between parties.

Offering up this sort of support to new Aston Martin owners requires a willingness to go above and beyond the expectations of other members of the luxury automotive community. However, like every other facet of your ownership experience, Aston Martin refuses to accept anything but the absolute best when it comes to taking care of new members of the Aston Martin family.

Timeless: Enjoying the Certified Pre-Owned Aston Martin Experience

certified used aston martin logo

Is a pre-owned Aston Martin sports car more in line with what you are looking for in your next automotive purchase? Then you should know that Aston Martin Summit is Summit's home for the best selection of premium pre-owned offerings. From the timeless quality that comes with Certified Pre-Owned Aston Martins to a wide array of pre-owned selections from other luxury manufacturers, Aston Martin Summit's dedicated team of pre-owned specialists are completely confident that the vehicle for you is waiting at our dealership.

Much like their brand-new counterparts, Certified Pre-Owned Aston Martin vehicles adhere to a strict set of guidelines regarding performance, quality, and sustained reliability. Additionally, these Certified Pre-Owned offerings come with an expansive set of protections and safeguards, including available roadside assistance and a 12-month limited warranty, that ensure you always enjoy your time spent motoring around Summit.

In other words, Aston Martin has shown time and time again that nothing will stand between its growing family of proud Aston Martin owners (both of the new and pre-owned variety) and the best driving experience found on roadways across the globe. If this sounds like what you are looking for in your next daily drive (or trip across the country), then make it a point to stop by Aston Martin Summit today and learn a little more about all that Aston Martin has to offer to discerning drivers such as yourself.